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One thing I’ve learned about working with entrepreneurs launching their own product is that they have a lot more to worry about than service businesses. There’s a lot more kinks that have to be perfected before the product can get out there. There’s formulation, manufacturing, packaging, and sourcing… just to start. This creates overwhelm and confusion, but above all, it takes a lot of time out of their hands. 

I’m your one stop to get your product out into the world, noticed and sold! I understand the different steps of the product launch process and can help you every step of the way. My services are specifically designed to make it easy for you to:

  • Find clarity for your brand strategy
  • Design a beautiful and effective brand that connects to your consumer
  • Create packaging that gets your product noticed and sold
  • Launch a website that showcases the brand and is set-up to generate results
  • Start selling your product as quickly as possible so you can start seeing a ROI

Download my product launch checklist with everything you need before you start selling your product.

My checklist showcases step-by-step what my most successful clients have had to prep before launching their products and what they continue doing now to ensure their brand is scaling. 

Services Designed


It all starts here; branding is the face of your company. I know your product will take the world by storm and you cannot wait to share it, but your customer won’t know that unless you are able to portray it through your brand. Let’s work together to give life to the vision you have for your brand. My branding services include your logo and logo variations, brand fonts, brand colors, brand story, equity pyramid, brand design elements, and business cards design.

Product Packaging

Once your brand has a look and feel we will use it to create the perfect product packaging. The goal here is breathe life into your products, make them stand out, and instantly create a connection with your consumer through their design. Get excited as we unwrap how your products will impress their users. Product packaging includes product labels, box design, product mockups and even product descriptions.


Whether you are planning to sell your product online or through retail, your brand still needs a virtual home. Showcase your products and pair beautiful design with impactful writing so you can start selling from day one. Together we go over your business strategy step-by-step so we can create a website that serves your business and accomplishes your goals. Choose between Wix, Shopify or WordPress to create your website. It will include a website strategy and mapping, images, a virtual store, and written copy.

Brand Collateral

Let’s talk about launching! Once your brand, product, and website are all ready you need to let people know. Let’s design the perfect Facebook and Instagram ads that will capture your audience’s attention and take them to your shop. Create social media banners that will unify your online presence and showcase your brand, products, and messagings.

Case Study


Project Description:

Workvie Pain Relief Creams wanted to penetrate the Amazon pain relief category with a new line of products that was healthier and more effective than current competitor options. The Amazon pain relief category is saturated with large brands, inlcuding Penetrex, BioFreeze, IcyHot, Bengay, and Advil. The challenge was to be able to position Workvie as a high-end, affordable, yet healthier choice in the Amazon pain relief category that was able to directly compete with current large brands.
*Project included branding, product & label design, website design, ad design, photography, amazon listing design.


• Sold to over 60,000 customers

• Expanded to new products and lines


Nat Fleitas

Hello there! My name is Nathalie Fleitas, but you can call me Nat. 

I’m a marketing professional and branding expert. Having a thorough business understanding paired
with my creative skills and years of experience as a graphic designer has allowed me to create brands that are not only beautiful, but also effective! 

With every project I take on I make sure that my designs are serving the purpose of the business. When creating a website I first map out its intention and its relevant consumer journey to make sure it is achieving the goals of the business appropriately. Effective brand design serves as a bridge between the business and its consumers and allows for a connection to be created. 

My goal is to be able to position your brand in a way that your consumer will feel right at home. You believe in the solution your business has to offer. My job is making your brand relevant and accessible to those who need you and want to buy from you. 

The Only Package

Brand Strategy Session

Consumer Persona Assessment

Communication Blueprint

Industry & Competitive Analysis

Logo & Logo Mark

Brand Colors

Brand Fonts

Brand Design Elements

Brand Style Guide

Wix Web Design

Website Content Strategy

Website Selling Copy

Original Photography Direction

Stock Images

Mobile Responsiveness Check

Opt-In Pop-up 

Product Labels

Product Mockups

Product Photography Direction

Business Cards

Social Media Banners

Facebook Ads

Investment: Two Payments of $2,500

Added Bonus: Marketing Strategy Session

+ Value ladder strategy

This Investment May Not Be The Right Fit For You. I Can Only Help You If...

I won’t lie to you, there’s a chance my services are not for you.
They are not for everyone. I can only really help you if…

You are ready to start working on your brand right away

You know creating a strategic brand is an investment and you are willing to make it

You have a product you believe in and that is going to help countless of other women

You are willing to put your ego aside and really showcase the value your brand & product will provide to its consumers

If the above describes you, let's get your product sold!

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The brand of your dreams is only one step away from being created. But if you still have questions and are wondering whether we would be a good fit, let’s figure it out over a phone call. Fill out the form below or send me an e-mail so we can talk about your product and how I can help you get it out there. 

P.S: I only work with 3 clients a month to ensure I’m able to provide the best quality work possible. Openings Now Available.